Playing Catch Up

I have been missing for a couple of weeks.

Work, a trip to visit my sister in the wine country, playing catch up with work, canning, soap, garden, including picking off at least 35 – 40 tomato hornworms, and a little of everything else.

Sometimes everything becomes a distraction, but time to get back to doing the things that I love!  Including reaching out to my readers!

In the next week, I have a heavier work schedule, my sister’s anniversary, Brian’s birthday and a friend’s birthday.  We will be having a BBQ at my sister’s soon to be home (not complete) to celebrate it all.

I am also picking up my Zaycon shrimp order tomorrow, and will need to repackage and freeze 20 pounds of yummy shrimp.  Which is why I canned 13 pounds of pork yesterday so that I have room for the shrimp!

Well, at least I never get bored!

So, thank you for your patience, and, I’m back!


One response to “Playing Catch Up”

  1. I am behind on things too. Been taking my dad 87 yrs. old to Dr. appointments, having some problems and my mom 83 yrs. old is a too stressed out to drive and getting confused about things. Hopefully get some answers soon. My garden keeps calling to me. I need to pick blackberries, green beans and can them.. Have a blessed day!


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