Welcome to Vickie’s Country Home

Hello, and welcome!  I am Vickie, and I live in Northern Nevada with my husband and daughter, 3 dogs, a not-so-feral cat, 2 roosters and a bunch of chickens.  We live off-grid using solar panels, a wind generator, and a generator for backup.  We are slowly making our way to self-sufficiency, along with a healthier way of life.

We put our faith first and foremost, and try to live up to that standard always.

I love cooking, canning, making sourdough bread, all-natural ingredient soaps, body butters, creams, cleaning and laundry products, dehydrating, making cheese and yogurt, gardening, and so much more!  I believe that I always need to be  constantly learning and growing.

I have recently started a YouTube channel by the same name, and I will enjoy sharing what I am doing with you.  I would love for you to come check it out.

Please feel free to suggest which topic you are interested in for future videos.

Thank you for stopping by!

Joshua 24:15

One response to “Welcome to Vickie’s Country Home”

  1. would love to see a soap video from you and also a body butter, creams and how you make cheese and yogurt video’s also.


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