What I appreciate most about home

Today was a workday for me in my bookkeeping business.  i am kind of semi-retired, and only work in town once a week usually.  Today was that day.  I love my clients, and love being able to help them.

But going into town once a week to work really makes me appreciate my home, my family, and the peacefulness that we start to take for granted.

When you live on a dirt road that dead ends shortly after your homestead, you get very used to the quiet and lack of traffic.  So when I am in town hearing all of the traffic noises, and driving in aggressive traffic, I really appreciate my home more!

When I go into town and work, I appreciate even more the way of life that others cannot understand.

Being away from my family for the day makes me appreciate them even more.

The noise, traffic, odors, aggression all make me reflect on how blessed I am to be able to live as I do.

But I am also thankful that I have been blessed with work.  That I have, and have had such wonderful clients! Almost every week my clients (or former clients) do something to make me feel so appreciated.  Today it was home-grown cherries, hops, and a bunch of strawberry plants. And sometimes, just sometimes, I just have to stop and realize that if I didn’t drive into town, I would never have been blessed with such lovely friendships!

Time to reassess and appreciate all of the things that my life offers!

2 responses to “What I appreciate most about home”

  1. It’s so interesting that we learn to grow and appreciate things more once they’re away. Have you always lived this kind of lifestyle of being away from the bustle and noise of the city?


    • Alyssa, no. Most of my life was spent in cities, usually in the suburbs. My mother’s family were country people, and I always wanted to live away from cities. In 2003 we bought bare land and started the process of trying to build our home. Over 3 1/2 years later (living in a fifth wheel) we finally were able to move into our home. That was 10 years ago, and it is hard to imaging living any other way!

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