Snow or scorch?

You just never know in Northern Nevada!  This week we went from 2 inches of snow on the ground and 33 degrees, to 94 degrees today with a threat of thunderstorms, and higher temperatures tomorrow!

UPDATE: the neighbor across the road says it is now reading 101 degrees! That is a 68 degree difference in one week!

One of the reasons I love this place is having 4 seasons.  Growing up in South Texas we had two – Summer, and a few weeks of cold.

I love the Fall when things are turning all sorts of yellow, gold, orange and brown!  I even enjoy the Winter (for a while).  I am happy to see the Spring when everything starts to warm up and come back to life.  And summer for planting my garden, and what green we are able to preserve with our extremes and dryness.

But this week kind of takes the cake.  I almost lost my garden to the freeze (it was not predicted), but fortunately we got to everything in time except for one tomatillo plant that snapped off.

Now I am sitting in my off-grid house trying to cool off after watering the gardens to keep them alive.  We have no air conditioning, although we do have ceiling fans.

This is just a good time to remind myself that loving where I live means taking the good with the bad, and remembering that these kinds of surprises keep life interesting!

Be sure and go over to my YouTube Channel, Vickie’s Country Home and see the tasty recipe that I made for Brian’s Fathers Day dinner!

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