I love the way that God puts people in my path.  I have met so many people in my bookkeeping business, and also in my country community.

Almost every time that I drive the 30 miles or so into town (Reno), I meet someone that I know.  It’s really kind of amazing.  Reno isn’t a small town (well it is a small city, but what are the odds).  Just today I saw two former bookkeeping clients who have become dear friends.   Then a stop at Costco and I ran into a new friend from YouTube – Linda’s Pantry.  If you haven’t visited her channel, I recommend checking her out.

This isn’t unusual.  This seems to be happening a lot.  I have connected with so many people in this area, and have been able to work with a number of non-profits through fund raising, helping with their bookkeeping, and through sitting on their Board of Directors.  Because of that, I have also been able to connect other people to those non-profits, either for donations, or sometimes for services.

I never could have imagined myself in that position.  I’m just a bookkeeper (trying to retire).  But I am so thankful that I have been able to make those connections, and I look forward to meeting new people and seeing what God has in store for me next…

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