No slow time

When you think of a peaceful country life, you think of taking things at your own pace.  At least I did!

I thought of this peaceful life in the country, doing some cooking, some gardening, taking some walks.  Maybe go for a ride on our quads…

Well maybe someday!

I love my life, but the reality is that there are always “things” to do.

In Northern Nevada we have a very short growing season.  Usually from the beginning of June until maybe the end of September – if we are lucky.

So, as soon as it starts to warm, we are out getting things ready.  This year created a bit more of a challenge for us, as we had record rain and snowfall amounts.  There was damage to repair (especially our dirt, excuse me, mud roads that washed out), massive amounts of weeds (fire danger), and erosion.  So we always seem to be playing catch up, especially because we are all still working.

No sooner than it got warm, it got COLD and it snowed. Then we were scrambling to cover everything that we had just planted.  Then a week later 100 degrees, and we are scrambling to keep everything watered enough to stay alive!  Now we are working non-stop in our spare time to cut down any weeds anywhere close to our house and outbuildings in case of dry lightning strikes.  No tractors or mowers for us.  Too many rocks that would create a spark.  NOT a good thing!

Then there are our everyday chores.  Chickens, dogs, house cleaning and repairs, cooking, oh, and work.

I LOVE my life and my home, but I seriously underestimated it.  Then again, it is never boring!

But I do get to cook on my seriously cool range!!!  SCORE!

2 responses to “No slow time”

  1. Vicky, do share! I thought living where you do, would be just, well, HOT! Never thought about frost or fires!
    Take care!
    Rhonda Mc.


  2. I Know what you mean! Even on our small place there is so much to do, The summer is so busy with the garden, lawn ect.. I am so enjoying your page!


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