Every day is a new day.  Good thing!

Today was another day of chores, errands, a trip into town with the traffic and time obligations, more chores, then make dinner.

Then there are the things that don’t quite fit in.  That’s ok.  Just let it roll off.

Every day is a new day!

Drop off the things that irritate you, that discourage you.  They really don’t define you!

It is very easy to let these “things” get in your way.

Sorry!  No time for that!

The things that are important to me don’t line up with the negative ideas.

So, now, for what is important…


Ending the day on my front porch, with a nice cool breeze, a glass of wine, and knowing that I can get up and press reset!  Start all over!





2 responses to “Reset”

  1. I have always tried to look at the positive side of things. Last Thurs, when my SUV decided to quit run while driving! Was kind of scary. It happen close to some friends of ours. So he and his wife came to my rescue and pulled me to their home until my husband was off work. The positive outlook is I didn’t wreck the SUV, was close to some friends, and I am off for the summer, because I work at school. Also my husband and a friend can fix it. Not going to be an easy job, but they can do it.Have a blessed day!


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