Turn on a dime

You have heard that old saying, turn on a dime?

Well today was like that, but who is kidding who?  Most days are like that!

Brian and Shana were both gone today, so it was just me, the puppy dogs, the not-so-feral cat, and the chickens.  Easy, huh?  Well not so much.

Start out by watering the garden, still by hand until more drip emitters come in.  An hour easy.

Dogs meanwhile, in, out, in, out, treat, food, in, out.

Then the not-so-feral cat manages to get in the house.  How???  Dogs had her cornered, but no crazy barking to alert me, while meanwhile I am solving a crisis for one of my two remaining clients.  I come out  of my office hearing odd sounds.  Uh Oh!  Managed to corral the kitty in my bedroom, and chase the 3 dogs out.  Kitty hides under my bed hissing.  Great!

Get the vacuum and start to vacuum all around the bed to “encourage” her to leave.  Meanwhile I have left the laundry room door to the outside open,  Will deal with flies later!  Kitty escapes, crisis averted!

Back to bookkeeping crisis.  Get that handled, organize and select YouTube giveaway winners.  Film video announcing winners (go check it out).  Same not-so-feral kitty decides to photo bomb the video.  OK.  Just go with it!

Take dogs in, out, in, out…  Blind dog NOT cooperating!

Finally!  Get video edited and start slow upload (off-grid challenge), and Brian calls to say he can’t pick up mail and packages because his truck is making noise.  Well, it is always making noises – it is a truck!  He is getting it checked out.

Meanwhile, my organic kombucha scoby that I ordered is sitting in town at 5:00.  So I try to corral puppies to contain them while I make a mad rush on dirt roads to get into town to pick up the packages.  Not cooperating!

Finally!  Get them contained, hop in my car and head into town – quickly!  I make it 2/3 of the way when Brian calls.  Never mind, he will pick up packages.

Turn around at the safest place on a busy 2 lane highway and head back home.

Upload video, just in time to make dinner for Brian who is heading to a meeting.  Take care of chickens, clean up, take dogs out to play, walk, and try to keep that d@mn kitty from teasing them!

And that my friends is what it means to “turn on a dime”.  Welcome to my world!

Gotta love it!

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