Boys and their toys

Don’t you just love them?

Brian has been (drooling) wanting a ceramic grill (like the Big Green Egg) for many years, but I just couldn’t justify the price tag.  So last week when I found a different version (The Pit Boss) for a LOT less, I decided to get him one for his birthday.  It isn’t for another month, but hey, a sale is a sale!  Besides once they sell out they don’t get more in.

It isn’t like I can just bring it home and hide it in a closet…  This thing is HUGE!  And HEAVY!

So, hated to spoil the surprise, but I called him from the store and asked if he would go into town to pick up his birthday present.

Of course he said, oh no, too expensive!

That didn’t last long!

So he took his pickup in last week to pick it up.  Then came the waiting, because how do you get this monster out of the truck?  It took three young guys to lift it into his truck.  Then, how do you get this ginormous, heavy thing into that metal stand?

Well, he finally got it figured out, and boy, he is like a kid in a candy store!  Yay for us!!!

Tonight he is breaking it in by smoking some country style ribs!

So, ladies, we are dumb, but not so dumb!


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