Keep learning and trying new things

Today is Kombucha day!

I first tried Kombucha a few weeks ago.  I bought a few bottles at Costco because I heard how great the health benefits are.  Well, we can all use health boosts.

It was pretty good.  Not something that I would drink all of the time (probably shouldn’t drink too much a day anyway), but not as bad as it sounded 🙂

So after researching it more, I decided to learn how to make my own.  I ordered the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast – HA!  I learned that today!) and got it this week.  It’s alive!

So, today is the day!

Now, trying to follow the instructions.  Why do I get the feeling that these are written for people that already know what they are doing?

Now, I’m kinda smart, and pretty good at following directions, but really?  I think I had to read through these instructions 3 – 4 times to try to get my questions answered (at least I think I understand).

So, I am brewing my tea, and soon will be adding sugar, vinegar and my SCOBY.   After that I will need to check the pH.   Cover it up with a coffee filter and rubber band, then the waiting starts…

I sure hope that I keep this thing alive!

Stay tuned…


One response to “Keep learning and trying new things”

  1. I made my first batch of Kombucha and it turn out great! Have my second batch going and getting ready to check it tomorrow. So easy to do and so yummy! My husband even likes it. God bless


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