I haven’t had a chance to write for a couple of days.  I apologize!

We have had a very – interesting – July 4th holiday.

Saturday Brian and I went into town to see a movie.  This doesn’t happen very often, maybe once or twice a year.  As we were walking out, it looked smoky (we were on the very opposite end of town).  When you live in the high desert you are always very aware of fire danger.

So, as we were getting in the car, I looked up the news, and sure enough, a fire was started not too far away from us in a park.  Maybe 8 – 10 miles as the crow flies over the mountain.

As we drove home, the plumes of smoke were getting huge!

So, for the rest of the night we were very watchful in case of a wind shift.  We continued watching all day on the 4th as Brian was smoking our brisket for the BBQ.  It actually came quite a bit nearer, but stayed on the other side of the ridge.  We watched planes fighting the fire all day.  In the afternoon it looked like the fire was starting to shift away from us and slow down, so we were cautiously hopeful.

Then, in the late afternoon, someone did something very stupid on the opposite side of the valley from the first fire, and started a second fire!


So, we have been anxiously watching this one.  It moved very fast, and today it jumped the fire break that our wonderful fire crews had created.  It came down one of the roads in the valley and headed directly for several houses.  One of them is our Pastor’s house.  But thank God, he spared all houses and we believe all animals!  We think that a shed or two might have burned, but we are so thankful that so far everyone is ok.

Our Pastor now has to figure out how to get that red/orange slurry that they drop from planes off of his house, but thankfully he has a house to clean up!  And if I were him, I think that I would leave it until these fires are out!

We aren’t out of danger yet though.  Both fires are still burning, and a shift in the wind, or higher winds that are common in the afternoon could quickly change the situation.  Also, there is a possibility of dry lightning this afternoon.

Please!  We cry uncle!

So, I will try to get back to a regular schedule for this blog as soon as this insanity is over.

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