Thankful in all things


Well, it looks like we might be in the clear from those fires.  That doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be more, but for now we can rest easier.  Literally.

When there is a wildfire, or a threat of one (from lightning or something else) no one gets any rest.  You might manage to get some sleep, but more likely, someone has to be up watching.  A fire can move a very long distance in a short time.  It can jump from one area to the next.  Any amount of wind can send it moving like crazy!

These fires started on Monday afternoon, and peaked with the fire destroying a home on Wednesday.  The photo above was a few hours later.  Amazing after hours and hours of smoke and flames!

We have been very close to several fires since we built our home.  More than once we had fires on the mountain at the end of our road.  Once while we were just getting started building.

But you never get used to them, and you are always watchful!

And yet, I am thankful!

Once again I saw our community come together in amazing ways!  Neighbors forced to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night, showing up at a friends house after midnight.  People from all over volunteering their time and vehicles to evacuate horses, goats, llamas, and whatever else.  Neighbors checking up on neighbors, offering help.  Cell phone service that was down, so driving miles to check on friends and neighbors.

Only one home (sadly one too many) burned, along with a few vehicles, sheds and trailers.  But within a matter of hours there is an outpouring of help.  Fundraising, offers to help.

That is what community is about.

It really shouldn’t require a disaster.

Something to think about…

But, I am thankful!


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