Do you experiment with recipes?

I love finding new recipes!

You could almost say it is my hobby (well, one of them!).  I find them on the internet, YouTube, Facebook, magazines, books…  everywhere!  I don’t know about you but there is almost always that one thing.  When I read a recipe, I can almost taste it!  That’s probably odd, but it’s true.  I love food, and I can imagine the blend of flavors, textures, and aromas, just from reading a recipe.

And, most of the time, there is that one thing.  Maybe it’s an ingredient that I don’t think fits.  Or, maybe I think something else would make a great substitute.  And sometimes, I think of something new to be added.

One of the true joys of cooking for me is experimenting with recipes, and sometimes creating new ones.  I never know where the inspiration will come from, and my family never knows what to expect – surprise!

If you love cooking, why not try experimenting with your food?  Make a pizza using completely different toppings than you have ever considered before.  I recently came up with an artichoke pesto, pancetta and pine nut pizza!  I make a pasta dish with those ingredients, so I thought, why not?  And you know what?  It was surprisingly good!  Here is a link to that video if you would like to see how it’s made:

Go through your refrigerator and pull out leftovers, and find a new way to use them.  Maybe combine a few and make a shepherds pie.  Maybe a casserole.  Maybe tacos.  Take leftover meats (chicken, beef or pork), shred them, add a mexican style sauce and make tacos.  Or enchaladas.

The possibilities are endless!

We tend to get into a rut when planning and preparing meals.  And sometimes it just takes reminding ourselves to look at things differently.

So, go take a look in your refrigerator, freezer, or cabinets.  When you look at that pot roast, how can you make it differently?  Those chicken breasts that you make the same way every time – how can you surprise your family (and your taste buds!).

Who knows, you might just find that cooking is tastier, and more fun than eating out!

3 responses to “Do you experiment with recipes?”

  1. I do the same thing. I change recipes by adding or substituting making it how we like it and sometimes we think it’s better than the original recipe.Take left overs and throw them together and most of the time turns out good. Take care and God bless.


  2. Hi Vickie,

    Isn’t that the truth!! I love experimenting too…and it is great to do when trying to use up leftovers!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Love, Mary


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