Getting ready for winter

Thanksgiving is almost here, and the cold wet weather is on it’s way too.  Gotta get ready!

Where the heck did this year go?  I don’t remember having a summer.  Well we did.  It got really hot, and the grasshoppers came and ate my garden.  Then the deer ate whatever was left.  So I guess we did have a summer, but I really don’t remember it.

Now it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  I guess this is one of those things about getting older.  Time just disappears.

Well, today we are trying to get prepared for winter.   Living off grid does require some advance planning and work.  We can have some pretty harsh conditions some years, and there is no way of knowing in advance how harsh.

So, firewood is a necessity.  I was starting to panic, because our firewood supplier got hurt, and hadn’t scheduled our delivery yet.  Turns out he had injured himself, so he didn’t set up our delivery.  Fortunately he is doing better, so we finally got the wood delivered – Thursday!  Today Shana is outside busily stacking 2 cords.  Well, she will stack probably 1 cord, then come inside in pain, and tell me “I’m ok”.  I know she’s not, but she’s a grown woman, and I can’t force her to pace herself!

My project for the day (well, at least one of them) is to paint a garden shed.  We built it last year, and never got it painted.  So it’s going to start to show deterioration if we don’t get it painted before another winter.  I have had it planned all week.  Now I am waiting, because the paint doesn’t do well in cold temperatures.

I have more pumpkins to can.  I need to do those soon.

I want to make a loaf of sourdough for dinner, and I have to prepare mashed potatoes for our church Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

There’s a whole lot more on the list, but I think I’m gonna stop there.

Well, off to get things done!

7 responses to “Getting ready for winter”

  1. Hi Vickie,

    Oh my goodness!! So much on your plate. I am so impressed with all the three of you do. Please share pics of your shed. Would love to see it.

    We are doing an inside cleaning…ugh…so much stuff to clear out!! But it feels great when it’s done.

    Love, Mary


  2. Never enough of me to do everything I want/need to do! We got two sides painted with primer, and ran out! The surface is so dry, it is just drinking the primer! So Brian went to pick up 3 more gallons – for a 10’ X 10’ shed! I have wonderful white paint splatters all over me! But we need to get this done before weather hits.


  3. You really are a busy lady and I know you will get it done with all the other chores you listed too. Have a great rest of your Saturday and a better Sunday tomorrow 🙂 ❤


    • Thank you Pam! Well, I have gotten most of it accomplished, but we ran out of primer after only 2 sides of the shed. The OSB has been exposed for so long that it is just drinking the primer! But Brian was in town, so he made a run to the hardware store and got 5 gallons! Too late to use today, but maybe tomorrow afternoon (church Thanksgiving potluck), or maybe Monday. The rest is getting done. Whew!


  4. I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe that Shana is a chip off the ole block. She certainly has the work ethic of the best parents on earth. You’ve taught her well…🌞


    • Yes, she sure does have a great work ethic. But she also doesn’t know when to stop! She stacked about 1 cord of firewood this morning, and then when I came out to paint (after the temperature warmed up), she came over and helped me paint on the primer until we ran out. We will be back at it tomorrow or Monday. Love that girl!


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