Thoughts on this past year at Christmas time

Looking back on this last year, there have been so many challenges and losses for our family.

In January 2022 the “virus” hit us hard – I got a milder case, but Brian got it much worse, and had pneumonia. He ended up in the hospital for 4 days. At the same time we lost 2 dear friends, a wonderful couple. Her death was not unexpected, but his was. We also lost 3 other friends this last year.

Then in July, our 46 year old daughter Shana was reported missing in Texas by her husband of just over a year. For 10 days we did everything we could to find her, including using social media. On the 10th day searchers found her remains 75 yards away from the RV she lived in with her husband. More questions than answers remain, but we definitely have our own ideas of what happened. Because of things we have since found out, we believe strongly that Domestic Violence definitely played a part!

It is very important to understand that Domestic Violence is not only physical, it can be mental, emotional, and/or physical. And it doesn’t always show.

I work with the local domestic violence agency, and serve on the Board of Directors. DV is a huge problem, locally and nationally. Awareness, education, and raising funds to help the victims/survivors is critical.

This year has been very difficult, but there have also been so many blessings!

The first blessing is that we both recovered from the virus.

The second is that Shana’s remains were found. It would have been so much worse to have never known!

The third is the huge amount of support and love we received from the Spring Branch/Canyon Lake communities in Texas as they pulled together to search for her, and to pray! Also from the YouTube community! The messages I have received definitely helped us in such a dark time!

So, it has been a challenging year, and without answers it is still painful. We pray for answers, and for justice to be served in her death.

But, we have hope! As believers in Jesus Christ, we know these things are all temporary, and ultimately justice will come from a higher source. And for us, that is one of the many reasons that we will celebrate Christmas, even as we continue to grieve.

We will attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church, then we will spend a quiet Christmas Day at home.

So, as we come to the end of this year, I pray that you will all have a wonderful, blessed, healthy, and joyous Christmas and New Year!

One response to “Thoughts on this past year at Christmas time”

  1. Thanks for the update, yes, in the end justice is always served. We always pray, mercy first, but then… Justice. Blessings on you and Brian this Christmas season.

    Kate Sciacca Carson City


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